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In keeping with recent growth and advancement of physical therapy professional in the world and especially in the United States Of America DOCTOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY (DPT) curriculum has been developed to prepare Physical Therapists for the independent practice in Pakistan by emphasizing area such as differential diagnosis, applied pharmacology, diagnostic imaging, health care, prevention and practice managing.

However, with the increased recognition of physical therapist’s skills in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of ailments and injuries has necessitated the profession to re-evaluate its goals for the future and move towards the enhanced autonomy in patient care.

According to American Physical Therapy Association APTA the vision for the future of the physical therapy profession is that by the year 2020 physical therapy treatment will be provided by the physical therapists holding the doctors degree in physical therapy recognized by consumer and other health care professions as practitioners of choice whom the the consumers have a direct access for the diagnosis of intervention for and prevention of impairment, functional limitation and disabilities related to movement, function and health.

Scince there is a general trendto physical therapists to seek employment and admission for further studies in United States Of America it has become necessary to bring the course of study in Pakistan at par. The program will also meet the requirement for independent practice in homeland and abroad.


1. This program aims to produce the physical therapists with the knowledge and dexterity in different areas of rehabilitation and physical treatment.

2. It aims to improve the quality of clinical practices and medical services in Pakistan.

3. It will promote the utilization of applied research to develop local capacity for planning and policy development.

4. It will develop state of the art Physical therapy management and rehabilitation protocols.

5. It will develop the national, regional and international cooperation and collaboration among institutions, groups and individuals known to be actively developing and practicing physical treatments.


On the successful completion of DPT course the graduates of this course will be able to perfom the following:

1. Explain the theoretical and practical basis of physical therapy.

2. Work autonomously and flexibly in academic and clinical arenas.

3. Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment programs in an ongoing manner, revise and modify them as necessary.

4. Devise and carry out a research project through critical literature evaluation.

5. Contribute in the future development of the Physical therapy profession via clinical reasoning and his dedicated service for humanity.


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