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Welcome To College oF Physiotherapy

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the website of School of Physiotherapy, Lahore - Pakistan, one of the most renowned Medical Institutions not only in Pakistan but all over the world both in the developing and developed countries .The School of Physiotherapy, Mayo Hospital, Lahore was established in 1985. The overall mission of the School of Physiotherapy is to establish a centre of excellence in the medical sciences and technology which would be an agent of change and the role model for other institutions to emulate. It serves to attract the maximum possible talent for its upgrading. The school hopes to provide graduates in Physiotherapy who would distinguish themselves with their professional, humanistic and educational standards by the virtue of their organizational skills. They should be able to respond to the needs and problems of the patients while maintaining international standards. The school of Physiotherapy has been established to educate young men and women, the principles and appreciation of their responsibility to the society. The academic programme of the School is demanding and will require applied physical and intellectual energy.
Graduates of this School are in great demand for appointment in National and Private Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Clinics and institutions of Physically Handicapped, Industrial Centers and foreign countries. The aim of the School of Physiotherapy is to produce efficiently trained and specialized young men and women who can render their services as Physiotherapists, to the national needs.


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